Reapply Process FAQ

Frequently asked questions are for residents currently living on campus about the general room selection process.

About Applying

Is priority based on when I applied?

No. Residents who applied during the application period will be assigned a random Housing Selection Lottery Number. A student’s chance is the same if they reapply on day one of the Current Resident Priority Application Period or decide to wait till the last day.

About Housing Down Payment

How much is the Housing Down Payment?

Residents pay $300 for the Housing Down Payment regardless of their financial aid status.

Is the Housing Down Payment refundable?

The down payment is 50% refundable if requested in writing by June 1; no refunds thereafter. Students who have a room assignment and cancel after August 1 will be charged an additional $250. Cancellations should be emailed to

Is the Housing Down Payment a deposit?

No.  It is a prepayment of your housing rent fees for the fall semester.  The $300 will be applied to your fall rent fees.

General Room Selection

Where do I find my Housing Selection Lottery Number?

February 26, residents who applied by February 15 will be emailed with their housing selection lottery number and instructions on the room selection process. Please be sure to check your SSU email.

What happens if my preferred location or room type is not available space during my timeslot?

We suggest you still pick a room and request a room assignment change later. If you don’t select a room by the deadline, we will assume you are no longer interested in housing and will cancel you application.

What if I want to live with someone else, but they did not receive a Housing Selection Lottery Number?

Only those residents with a lottery number will be eligible to participate in the first round of Room Selection which takes place March 5-7.

Is there a way to view the different options or floor plans?

Yes. Please see our Housing Options website for floor plans and maps.

Do individuals or groups get to select first?

The first day of room selection allows same sex groups, who can fill full apartments, to reserve first. This allows for a better consolidation of apartments. 

Are the apartments coed?

Our campus housing apartments are not coed. If you are trying to fill a full apartment you must fill it with individuals of the same legal sex.

What are the chances of me getting into Tuscany Village?

Space is limited in Tuscany Village. Availability in Tuscany will depend on what individuals with earlier appointments decide to select. Residents should have a variety of options and may need to be flexible with their selection.

What buildings are available for 2023/2024?

Below is a current list of buildings available for Continuing SSU Students.

Beaujolais Village (single rooms only)

Bordeaux, Classico, Loire, Maderia, Medoc

Tuscany Village (single and double rooms)

Mosel, Piemonte, Provence, Rhone, Rioja, Savoie, Trentino, Veneto

Sauvignon Village (single, double and triple rooms)

Burgundy, Colombard

About Housing Offers

How do I accept the housing license agreement?

You will need to log in to the Housing Portal to accept the terms and conditions of the license agreement. To help relieve stress during the room selection process, students are required to accept the housing license agreement PRIOR to the room selection process.