About Us

Residential Education and Campus Housing (REACH) creates inclusive learning communities that engage residents in the development of their academic success, leadership, and personal growth. REACH is comprised of the people described below.

Leadership Team

The REACH Leadership Team is comprised of a Director and Associate Directors. This team oversees the daily operation of the department and provides leadership to both professional and live-in staff. This team and the department is supported by two administrative staff who oversee various functions within the department.

Area Coordinators

Area Coordinators (AC) are full time professional staff members who live in the residential community with the residents. Each AC has earned a Master’s degree and has worked previously at different institutions of higher education across the country.  The AC works to create an environment for their residents that promotes academics and personal development. The AC directly supervises the Resident Advisors that work directly with the residents. Finally, there is an AC on call every night to respond to emergency situations when needed.

Undergraduate Student Staff Positions

Office Assistant

The Student Office Assistant supports REACH staff by providing clerical and administrative support related to community development, communication, and village/building processes. This is an hourly position, approximately seven hours per week.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors (RAs) are full-time students who are selected and trained to help create an atmosphere conducive to growth and development. They serve as group facilitators, referral agents, and community builders. They also assist students with personal, academic, and social concerns. RA’s uphold residential community standards and policies, and build communities of respect and care within a diverse group of individuals. Resident Advisors are available to help students adjust to life in on-campus housing and at the University. Every student has an assigned RA, but residents are free to seek aid or counsel from any RA.

Service Desk Workers

Service Desk workers are responsible for providing consistent friendly and reliable assistance to the 3200 residents that reside in on campus housing. They sort mail and distribute packages.  Desk Workers uphold strong customer service standards for dress, greetings, phone calls and superior customer service.

Sustainability Coordinator

The Sustainability Coordinator works to expand and enrich the department’s current sustainability efforts. Focusing on education around water and energy conservation, responsible consumption and production, and waste management the Sustainability Coordinator plans programs, and outreach efforts to cultivate a more sustainable residential community.