Roommate Group Requests

Residential students who have not received a room assignment will have the ability to request a roommate(s), although it is not required. 

Students requesting to live with others will form a roommate group and request preferred roommate(s), who will then need to confirm that request. 

Important things to know before you start:

  • Only students who have a signed housing license agreement for the 2022-2023 academic year may be added to a roommate group.
  • If your preferred roommate(s) forms a roommate group first, you will just need to confirm their request as creating another group will make it so you can not request one another. 
  • Students need to select the same housing options. Check your housing preference summary confirmation email to make sure your preferences match your roommate(s) housing preferences. Below is a list of what to double check:
    • Housing License Agreement: Academic Year License Agreement is completed.
    • Housing Community: must be in the same order. 
    • Room Type Preferences: must be in the same order.
    • If a student changes the room type preference or Housing Community AFTER they have accepted an invitation, it is the student's responsibility to communicate that change with other members in the group. 
  • Room assignments are determined by the date you applied for on campus housing an paid the housing down payment. For roommate requests, however, the average date between roommates will be used as the priority date. We recommend communicating with your prospective roommate(s) on each other's priority date and keep this in mind, as your average date may affect your preferred assignment. 
  • In order to accommodate roommate requests, requests must be submitted and completed before May 30. 

We encourage group leaders to check the Housing Portal regularly prior to May 30 to check on the status of your group.

Creating a Roommate Group

To create a roommate group, follow these steps: 

Step One:

  • One person will be the group leader and invite others to the group. If you are the group leader, you will need the roommate's SSU ID number to invite them to your group.
  • If your friend meets the eligibility requirements (has a signed housing license agreement and requested the same Housing Community as you), you will be able to "select" them in order to add them to your group. 
  • If your friend does not meet the eligibility requirements, it will say "The person you selected is not valid at this time"  

Step Two:

Those invited will be sent an email invitation and will need to accept/decline the invitation by logging onto the Housing Portal and completing the Roommate Invitation. (Students can have multiple invitations, but can only participate in one group.)

Step Three:

Monitor the Roommate Invitation Status on the Housing Portal to ensure that all invited persons have completed their necessary steps. 

Additional important things to remember while you go through this process:

  • Anytime a change is made to the Roommate Invitation, an email will be sent to everyone in the group letting them know that something has changed. It is up to the individuals of the group to monitor the Roommate Invitation Status. 
  • Declined invitations are not visible.
  • We recommend checking the Roommate Invitation Status frequently so you are informed who has completed what (in case an email is not received).