Off-Campus Housing Resources

There are a variety of resources within Sonoma County to assist with searching, providing advice on rental housing problems, landlord/tenant issues, short-term lodging, and other local services. Please feel free to contact our office with questions at (707) 664-2541. If we are unsure about the answer, we will refer you to the right agency or company.

Property Management Companies

Property management companies manage rental properties and in some cases assist with finding rentals. The following is a list of local property management companies that assist with rentals.

Company Website Phone Number
Alliance Property (707) 524-8380
DeDe’s Rentals (707) 523-4500
Hills & Homes (707) 585-2913
Pacific Properties (707) 206-6645
Safer Properties (707) 978-4303
Timely Property (707) 588-9200
Urbina Property Management (707) 843-3539


Sonoma State does not endorse any management company over others; if a new entity is interested in listing their website here, please email




Abodo provides students with filtered searches to find the best apartment for their budget. With a rent calculator, students will be able to find something that fits all of their needs. 


With a personalized “Rental Concierge” on ApartmentList, students will be guided to apartments based on their preferences to find top curated matches and savings easily!

Best Colleges Student Renter's Guide

Not sure where to begin your apartment search? Check out Best Colleges Student Renter’s Guide for insight and tips on apartment or house searching, roommates, signing a lease, renter’s insurance, and more.

Craig's List

Craigslist is a great resource that ordinary people use to list apartments or homes, sell furniture and appliances, and post services that may be useful to those in the community. Craigslist is filtered by location for fast and accurate results.  


Doorsteps make renting simple and easy. A partner with and, Doorstep provides accurate and up-to-date information on listings in your desired area, so you don’t miss a beat.


Searching for a home in the city can be challenging. With HotPads, urban living just became a whole lot easier. HotPads includes notification options for your filtered searches, map-based findings, and a commute time calculator, to make your dream apartment a reality.


With resources for students and first-time renters, makes your apartment or house search easy. Stick to your budget by filtering in living costs, the number of rooms, and needed amenities. 

SSU OCH101 Listing Service

Find roommates and a place to live all in one place! Sonoma State’s Off-Campus Housing Listing Service provides students with the right tools to make the move off campus a safe and comfortable one. 


Trulia lists all new and old rentals that are available in different cities across the globe. With an abundance of photos and property details, you will be able to get a sense of which listing is for you.


One of the most reliable and visited websites for apartment and house searching, Zillow provides local, detailed listings for renters.  


Begin your next chapter by finding the perfect home with Zumper. Renting is made easy with fast, effective, and easy searching and filters. 


Helpful Links Related to Furniture and Utilities

BroadbandExpert (local internet companies)

Comcast (local cable/internet provider)

CORT Furniture Rental 

Home Security Systems for Rohnert Park

Recology (local garbage company)

Rental Housing Problems

There are a number of agencies that can help you if you have questions regarding the legalities of renting in Sonoma County.

Fair Housing of Sonoma County can help if you have been denied housing or treated worse than other applicants or tenants due to your membership in a protected class, such as your race, national origin, disability, sex/gender, color, marital status, sexual orientation, immigration status, or any arbitrary characteristic. 

If you have more general landlord-tenant concerns or housing issues, please contact Legal Aid of Sonoma County and/or California Rural Legal Assistance

Bill of Rights for Renters 

Individuals should be aware of their rights as residents. Therefore, know that:

  • A resident has the right to be treated fairly and equitably when applying for, living in, and vacating a rental residence.

  • A resident has the right to be given notice prior to any entrance into a rental residence by a rental property owner or manager, except in an emergency.

  • A resident has the right, upon written request to the rental property owner or manager, to a prompt response to requests for repairs.

  • A resident has the right to a written notice from the rental property owner or manager prior to any rent adjustment.

The above information is from the California Apartment Association, Renting: A User Manual publication.