Roommate Agreements

We want to ensure every resident who lives on campus has as positive an experience as possible. This starts with building relationships between roommates and suitemates or apartment-mates. It recommended you start having these conversations with your roommates prior to arriving on campus, but if that hasn't happened, talking with each other after moving in will be helpful too.

Your Resident Advisor (RA) is an undergraduate student leader who wants you to have the best possible experience living on campus. As part of their training, they have learned how to help roommates connect with each other and talk through expectations of lifestyle preferences, the use of common areas, and how to communicate effectively. This meeting will occur relatively soon after you move-in. As roommates and suite/apartment-mates, you will fill out the two following documents as commitments to each other regarding living together.

As the year progresses, if there is a need to revisit either of these two documents, we encourage you to have these conversations first as roommates and suite/apartment-mates, but know that your RA is here to help facilitate that conversation if needed.