Weapon Regulations at SSU FAQ

Campus police officers and certain designated peace officers (and authorized retired peace officers) are exempt from the following rules.


What weapons are prohibited on the SSU campus?

Firearms, ammunition, switch-blade knives, dirks, daggers (knives with more than one edge sharpened), ice picks, and any non-culinary knife with a blade longer than 2 1/2”, bow & arrows, swords, nunchaku, metal knuckles, belt buckle knives, billy clubs, slingshots, air-powered (airsoft) replica guns, BB devices/guns, spot markers or paintball guns, laser guns, stun guns, Tasers®, and less lethal weapons. For additional guidance see the following: California Penal Code §626.9, 626.10, 12001, 17235, 21510(a), 21510(b), 21510(c), 22210, 21310, 17500, 25400(a)(1), 25400(a)(2), 25400(a)(3), 18715(a)(2), 20170(a), 22610(c)(1), 22610(a), 22610(b), 22610(d), 26350(a)(1)(A), 26350(a)(1)(B), 26350(a)(1)(C), 26350(a)(2)(A), 26350(a)(2)(B), 26350(a)(2)(C) University Code Rules and Regulation § 5000,5005; California Code of Regulations Title 5 §41301.

Can I carry a Taser® or a stun gun on SSU?

Tasers® are prohibited on the SSU campus (UCRR § 5005; California Code of Regulations Title 5 § 41301; SSU Residential Education and Campus Housing regulations). Stun guns are prohibited at all of California’s colleges and universities (California Penal Code § 626.10).

Can I possess pepper spray on campus?

Pepper spray may be possessed by a civilian on the SSU campus if all of the following conditions are met: Person in possession of pepper spray is 18 years or older, with no past conviction of a felony or any crime involving an assault; the pepper spray is in an aerosol canister of 2.5oz or less net weight; it is only carried for self-defense. Any other use is a crime; assault with pepper spray is a felony.  (California Penal Code 22810, 22810(g)(1), 22810(g)(2).

What about toy guns and “imitation firearms”?

All imitation or replica firearms, including “airsoft guns”, that would lead a reasonable person to perceive that they are real firearms, are prohibited from being carried or displayed anywhere on the SSU campus, including in the Residential Community (California Penal Code §20170; UCRR § 5000, 5005; Housing regulations). Any game involving stalking, simulated assassination, or war type activities, is also prohibited on campus (UCRR § 5006).

I live in the Residential Community. Can I have a cooking knife?

There are exceptions to knife regulations that allow the possession of cooking knives that are used in or around SSU Residential Community facilities for lawful use in food preparation or consumption.

Can I carry a pocket knife at SSU?

You can carry a pocket knife on the SSU campus, provided that it only has one edge sharpened and has a folding (rather than fixed) blade that does not exceed 2 1/2 inches. Switchblade, spring-blade, or gravity knives are not permitted. For more detail, refer to the Residential Education and Campus Housing Regulations, Guidelines, and Student Conduct.

What are the consequences of a weapons violation?

Illegal weapons will be seized by SSU authorities. Depending on the violation, severity, danger imposed, among other factors, violators may be cited, arrested, and subject to sanctions from Sonoma State Residential Life and/or University Conduct. Serious violations may result in expulsion from the entire CSU system. It is recommended to review the Regulations and Policies of the CSU (Title 5, Code of Regulations) and Residential Education and Campus Housing Regulations, Guidelines, and Student Conduct.