Seawolf All-Inclusive Experience

Fall 2021 Seawolf All-Inclusive Experience

Students (first-year, returning, and transfer students) who completed the Housing Application by May 7, 2021, at 5 p.m. were eligible to receive the Seawolf All-Inclusive Experience (ALLEX program). The Seawolf All-Inclusive Experience was designed to provide students with the best college experience by providing additional benefits for living on campus for the fall 2021 semester. See terms and conditions for eligibility at the bottom of the page.

$250 Credit for Learning Materials 

Yes, you heard that right! Students living in housing will receive a one-time credit of up to $250 to use for learning materials (textbooks, readers, etc.) at the Sonoma State University Store. In need of homework help? Bartleby+ can be used for the learning materials credit. This can also be purchased in-person or on the Sonoma State University Bookstore Bartleby+ website

How to redeem: 

  • In-person: Let the University Store cashier know you are part of the ALLEX program and give them your student ID. They will use that number with ALLEX to ensure you get your credit.
  • Online: Visit the Sonoma State University Bookstore website and select your books and head to your cart. When you get to the payment page, choose Financial Aid. Enter your name and your student ID (complete with leading zeros) plus ALLEX just like the example: 123456789ALLEX. This will trigger your $250 credit for books.
  • Rentals: Please note that if learning materials are rented, a credit or debit card will be required in case the learning material(s) are not returned at the end of the semester.  

Free Parking for the Fall Semester

No need to worry about paying for parking this fall semester! How to redeem: 

  • Students who are part of the ALLEX program were uploaded into the SSU parking system. Please login and get your residential parking pass at no cost online. No promo code is needed. For more information on how to "purchase" the no cost pass online, please visit the Parking Permits website.   

Free Drip Coffee- Extended for Spring 2022 Semester!  

Coffee means a lot to students, so that's why we’ve made it available once a day for you at Sip on the 1st floor of the Student Center. How to redeem: 

  • Let the cashier at Sip know that you are part of the ALLEX program and would like your free drip coffee. Then, provide your Seawolf ID card to be swiped. You can also apply your free drip coffee to upgrade your coffee order and receive $1.00 off your order.   

Events = Free for You 

While many events are free for students we’ve added an extra bonus to those events that do cost and they are now FREE for you! Events hosted by Associated Students, Student Involvement Programming, Green Music Center (produced event), Campus Recreation classes, and Outdoor Resource Center unlimited free rentals (tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, lanterns, and more) are all included. How to redeem: 

  • Students who are part of the ALLEX program were uploaded into the SSU tickets system. Please login and get your free event tickets at or visit the Info + Tickets desk in the Student Center and let the staff know that you are part of the ALLEX program. For the Outdoor Resource Center unlimited free rentals, please visit the Outdoor Resource Center on the 1st floor of Campus Recreation and share with the staff that you are a part of the ALLEX program. They will have a list of students who are eligible.  

Two-year Housing Guarantee

We got your back and are proud to guarantee first-year and first-time transfer students housing for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic years. We know finding reasonably priced housing in Sonoma County can be a challenge so we want to help you out so you don't have to worry! How to redeem:

  • This incentive will be automatically applied so no action is needed. 

Price-Lock Guarantee 

We will lock-in the housing price structure for up to four consecutive years! Wherever you decide to live on-campus and/or whatever meal plan you choose, you will pay the 2021-2022 rates for up to four consecutive years.  How to redeem:

  • This incentive will be automatically applied so no action is needed. 

Support Services in the Residential Community

We are bringing the services to you in the residential community! Services will be available exclusively for residents including weekly advising and more.

More information coming soon! 

Winter Holiday Break Housing at No Cost

Want to stay on-campus during winter break? There are no additional costs. How to redeem:

  • This incentive will be automatically applied so no action is needed. 

Special Offers 

If you signed up by the deadline you were entered to win a FREE meal plan for the Spring 2022 semester! 

Early registration was offered for incoming students living on campus which provided an opportunity to register for the in-person courses that suit you most.