Guest Regulation and Registration

Safety is a priority for REACH. While guests are always welcome in our community, in an effort to keep the on-campus housing environment as safe as possible, we ask residents to register any guest(s) visiting them. Not only does this help ensure safety for our community, we would also have guest information in the event of an emergency. If you are planning on having guests to your residential apartment or suite who are planning to stay overnight:

Register Your Guest


Below is the "Guests" section from the Regulations, Guidelines, & Conduct Process for your information.



A guest is defined as any person who is visiting a suite or apartment where they do not live. This includes other SSU students and residents of other campus residential suites or apartments. 

The following information governs the presence and behavior of guests:

  • Residents may be held accountable for violation(s) committed by their guests. 
  • During normal REACH operations, the following regulations are in place:
    • Guests in common spaces are a privilege and must be mutually agreed upon by the residents of the apartment/suite. Barring a lack of “agreement,” there must be no concerns and/or objections.
    • Residents may have up to 4 guests at any time. There may be no more than 20 persons total in a suite at any time, residents and guests.
    • Guests may stay up to two nights in any given two-week period. Exceptions may be requested from a resident’s Area Coordinator, but are not guaranteed. Residents may be subject to a $50 charge per night for unapproved guests who exceed the length of stay allowed.
    • No overnight guests are allowed during finals week. Exceptions may be requested from a resident’s Area Coordinator, but are not guaranteed. 
    • Guests should not be left unattended in any residential building, room, or apartment. 
  • Based on prior behavior, REACH may designate any guest as a non-approved guest, and restrict them from being present in all or part of the residential community. University Police will also be notified when individuals are declared non-approved guests.
  • It is a violation to knowingly have a guest in the Residential Community who is non-approved.


*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the guest regulations will be determined by the latest safety guidance and policies that will supersede the current published regulation.