Living Off-Campus

Many Sonoma State University students live in the local community in a variety of locations; e.g Rohnert Park, Cotati, Petaluma, Santa Rosa.

Even though a large percentage of the student body lives off-campus, students are very active with their campus life. While living off-campus, students stay connected in many ways, such as campus employment, participating in collegiate-level athletics or intramural sports, joining a club or Greek sorority or fraternity, academic study groups and clubs, or pursuing leadership opportunities and student government. There are endless opportunities available to SSU students through Student Involvement.

Being a Seawolf

Whether attending Sonoma State University for the first time or moving off campus after living in the Residential Community, being involved in campus life is an important aspect to your college experience. Students connect to the University in many ways, such as: 

  • Campus Employment gives students the opportunity to gain experience and connect with the campus community, full-time professionals, and other students. 

  • Sports Clubs allow students to connect with peers and enjoy playing sports together.

  • Participating in Fraternity & Sorority Life helps students give back to philanthropic organizations, take on leadership roles, and make friendships to last a lifetime. 

  • Joining a club or organization through Student Involvement allows students to meet others and develop a closer tie to the community at Sonoma State University.

  • Developing study groups with others holds students accountable and gives them the chance to meet others in the same major or classes.

  • Leadership opportunities are available to students through various forms: clubs and organizations, Greek life, Student Government and more!

  • Studying, eating, or hanging out on campus