Contracting Materials

Incoming and continuing students who have applied to live on campus and are committed to attending SSU are sent an email with instructions on how to complete the contracting materials.

Instructions for 2021/2022

Please review the instructions below on how to complete the contracting materials.

Incoming First-Year and Transfer students for Fall 2021:

Students who have applied for campus housing and have committed to attending SSU will be emailed an offer to live on campus with instructions on how to complete the contracting materials.

Currently Enrolled Students:

Students who have applied for campus housing will be emailed an offer to live on campus with instructions on how to complete the contracting materials.

*Please monitor your email(s). We also recommend checking your SPAM or junk mail folder.


Below is a timeline for the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Housing Application period. To improve your chances of getting your first housing preference, please complete the process early. To learn more about the options available to you, please visit our Housing Options webpage.

Accepting Your Housing Offer Online:

Log onto the Housing Portal using your Seawolf username (all lowercase) and password (case sensitive). Click the “Contracting Materials” button and follow the steps. Read through the screens carefully to make sure you are following the directions. 

  • Students under the age of 18 will require a cosigner. An email will be sent to the cosigner with a link to the License Agreement. The cosigner will type the confirmation code listed in the email. The agreement will not be complete until the co-signature is signed electronically.
  • Students can select from the Academic Year License Agreement or the 12-month License Agreement.
  • Make sure you get two (2) email confirmations: Student Housing License Agreement and the Addendum. If you do not, please repeat Step 1 or call the REACH Office at 707-664-2541 for assistance.

Room & Community Preference:

Visit our Housings Options webpage to view the Living Communities and accommodations for our incoming freshmen and transfer students and continuing students. It’s important to review the cost of the various living areas. Please review the Rate Schedule webpage to determine which accommodation is financially feasible along with additional information about paying with financial aid, how to make payments, and late fees.  

  • Rank your room type preference. The assignment priority date was determined by the date you applied for campus housing and paid your housing down payment. We recommend ranking up to three room types in case your first and second choices are not available. Assignments may be adjusted to accommodate demand. If your preferences are not available, we will make the best assignment possible based upon availability.
  • Select two different community preferences.  We recommend you select two in case your first choice is not available. If neither preference is available, we will make the best assignment possible based upon availability. Locations of communities will be adjusted to accommodate demand.

Roommate Request (optional):

The University does not ask any personality questions to determine assignments. Living in a community provides students with the opportunity to live with students with a variety of backgrounds. Students will be able to request a potential roommate after May 19. This step is optional and not required. Your request will need to be mutual; students will need to request each other and housing preferences must be the same. Please see our Roommate Group guidelines page for more information.

Sign Up for a Meal Plan (available to transfer and continuing students):  

Incoming Transfer students and continuing SSU students can sign up for a meal plan. Meal plans provide convenience and flexibility to help you save time and money all while eating delicious food and making connections with peers. A meal plan grants you access to an all-you-care-to-eat experience at The Kitchens, which features numerous options each day. For more information, please visit the Culinary Services Meal Plan website. Meal plans will be available for purchase for incoming transfer and continuing students starting June 1, 2021. All Incoming freshmen will be enrolled in the Seawolf All Access Meal Plan (this is included in the rates).

Additional Information

  • Housing Regulations: Review the Housing Regulations and Guidelines carefully. Prior to arriving on-campus, you are expected to know and understand the policies.
  • Meningococcal Disease: State law requires us to provide you with information about Meningococcal Disease and available vaccinations.
  • Room Assignments & Move-In: Assignments and move-in information will be sent to each student’s SSU email address in July.