Incoming Transfer Students

Housing Application Process for Incoming Transfer Students

For our transfer students, Sonoma State offers three unique villages: Sauvignon Village and the Hillside Villages of Beaujolais and Tuscany. All three villages offer a unique blend of independent living and a community atmosphere for students looking to live with other students their own age. To learn more about the options available to you, please visit our Housing Options webpage.

Below is a brief description of how the application process works for the 2020-2021 academic year. For information on the application process for Spring 2021 only, please go to the Directions page

To improve your chances of getting your first preference, please complete the process early. It is important you know that Sonoma State guarantees housing to newly admitted first-time First Year Students (arriving directly from high school). Due to space limitations, we can not guarantee housing for other populations, so we recommend completing the housing application process early. 

  • Offers are emailed on a first come, first served basis to students who have made all required University deposits (Enrollment Deposit and Housing Down Payment) as long as space is available.
  • Housing assignments are determined by the date of when you complete your online contract and select your living area.

STEP 1 - Apply for Admissions

Submit your admission application to SSU.

About 10 days after you are admitted, you will be emailed information about how to make your Enrollment Reservation Deposit (secures your space for classes) and Housing Down Payment.  The date you submit your down payment becomes your "Priority Date" which is utilized when making assignments.

STEP 2 - Submit Your Housing Down Payment

Log into SSU Online Services and go to your “MySSU”. From there you will go to Self-Service >Admissions >Application Status.

You will click on the “Accept/Decline” button two times before reaching the green “Pay Deposit.”  You will then select "Package 5" which is $350 (Enrollment Deposit $50 and Housing Down Payment $300).

Please note that we are not able to offer a housing space if students have not paid the Enrollment Deposit as well as the Housing Down Payment.  If you have already paid the Enrollment Deposit, you will be able to just purchase the Housing Down Payment.

All students interested in living on campus must pay the $300 Housing Down Payment. If you are unable to pay this down payment, you may request a Hardship Deferment which reduces the initial payment and the remaining balance will be on your student account. More information and instructions are available on the Hardship Deferment form regarding eligibility and payment specifics.

Cancellation Refund Policy

The Housing Down Payment is 50% refundable once the payment is made if requested in writing by June 15, 2020; non-refundable thereafter. Email your refund request to

STEP 3 - Receive On-Campus Housing Offer (specific housing assignment provided later)

Not long after paying your Housing Down Payment, you will receive a housing offer by email.  This offer contains the license agreement for the academic year for which you are applying; a brief application to record your community, room type, and roommate preferences; and instructions regarding next steps.  You will have 10 days to agree/virtually sign the housing license agreement and complete the application; after which we will not be able to guarantee you a bed space.

Housing Communities and Room Types

After paying a housing down payment, students will be contacted to sign a year-long license agreement and select their preference for a "housing community" and "room type." 

  • Housing Community - If interested, students can choose to live in a community where they will experience a deeper connection with other residents who have similar interests, identities, and/or academic majors. Students in these communities tend to have higher GPAs, graduate on time, and leave college with less debt because of the relationships they develop and increased access to campus resources.  Visit Living Options to learn more. Of course, if not interested in one of these communities, students are welcome to select "General Housing" in the application process.
  • Room Type - Students will be able to identify their interest in a single-, double-, or triple-occupancy bedroom.  In general, most housing options provide a bathroom per bedroom so students would be sharing a bathroom with no more than three others.

Please know Residential Education and Campus Housing staff members make every effort to fulfill your top request.  However, no guarantees can be made as many factors play into finalizing the assignments as some housing communities and room types fill up faster than others.

Preferences and Roommate Matching

The values espoused in the Seawolf Commitment (Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Responsibility) drive how we view roommate matching. At SSU, we believe it's important for students to be exposed to others who have different identities, lifestyles and backgrounds; and to learn how to build relationships and address roommate conflicts as they arise.  For this reason, we do not ask any roommate matching or profile questions; nor use roommate matching software.* Selection of roommates is random and based on the housing community and room type preferences students select throughout the application process.

If interested, students can identify a specific roommate preference after both students have paid the housing down payment and signed the license agreement.  The key is that both students need to mutually select each other and have the same housing community and room type preference within the application process, available in ResidentWeb.  

For roommates who may struggle to work through conflicts, students should work with their Resident Advisor (RA) or full-time Area Coordinator (AC) to help facilitiate a conversation to help all residents find common ground.  This process is critical for students to learn so they are better prepared for conflict that might arise throughout their lives (relationships, work environment, academic group projects, etc.).

*Note - We appreciate an effort by several universities to provide personal characteristic questionnaires or apps to identify possible roommates.  However, national research has yet to demontrate the efficacy of this type of roommate matching process over other methods where students are matched randomly.  We continue to monitor the research into these methods as it is important for us to best serve students while keeping costs as low as possible.  

STEP 4 - Receive Your Assignment

You will receive your housing assignment in mid-July.

Step 5 - Provide Copies of Official Immunization Records

In accordance with California State University policy, entering students are required to provide SSU with copies of official records showing full immunization (or blood test proof of immunity) to Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) and Hepatitis B (and strongly recommended to receive a booster for the Meningococcal vaccine). All incoming new students are required to submit immunization documentation through the "My Health Portal" tile on their My SSU Online Services Portal.

For more information about these immunization requirements and recommendations, please visit the Student Health Center.