Guest Regulation and Registration

Below is the "Guests" section from the Regulations, Guidelines, & Conduct Process for your information.

Guests are defined as any non-resident of the suite or apartment to which a resident is assigned.



A guest is defined as any person who is visiting a suite or apartment where they do not live. This includes other SSU students and residents of other campus residential suites or apartments. *Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the only guests permitted inside any building within the residential community are Sonoma State University residential students.


The following information governs the presence and behavior of guests:

  • Residents may be held accountable for violation(s) committed by their guests. 
  • During normal REACH operations, the following regulations are in place:
    • Guests in common spaces are a privilege and must be mutually agreed upon by the residents of the apartment/suite. Barring a lack of “agreement,” there must be no concerns and/or objections.
    • Residents may have up to 4 guests at any time. There may be no more than 20 persons total in a suite at any time, residents and guests.
    • Guests may stay up to two nights in any given two-week period. Exceptions may be requested from a resident’s Area Coordinator, but are not guaranteed. Residents may be subject to a $50 charge per night for unapproved guests who exceed the length of stay allowed.
    • No overnight guests are allowed during finals week. Exceptions may be requested from a resident’s Area Coordinator, but are not guaranteed. 
    • Guests should not be left unattended in any residential building, room, or apartment. 
  • Based on prior behavior, REACH may designate any guest as a non-approved guest, and restrict them from being present in all or part of the residential community. University Police will also be notified when individuals are declared non-approved guests.
  • It is a violation to knowingly have a guest in the Residential Community who is non-approved.


*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the guest regulations will be determined by the latest safety guidance and policies that will supersede the current published regulation.