What to Bring and Leave at Home

We want Sonoma State to feel like your home away from home. Check out our guide for What to Bring and Leave at Home

Live Greener: Think Green!

When deciding what to pack, reduce your footprint and consider organic products, biodegrable, chemical free, and reusable items. Try to be earth friendly whenever possible reducing waste, such as bringing reusable bags or bins instead of packing items in cardboard boxes. 

What to Bring


♦ Clothes (for all seasons)
♦ Desk lamp
♦ Waste Basket
♦ Hangers and laundry basket
♦ Storage tubs or organizers
♦ Alarm clock and fan
♦ Iron and ironing board


♦ Extra long twin sheets (2 or 3 sets)
♦ Mattress cover or pad
♦ Blanket, comforter, or quilt
♦Pillow and Pillowcases


♦ Bath towels and washcloths
♦ Bath mat
♦ Bathrobe
♦ Shower caddy (if sharing a bathroom)
♦ Personal hygiene products
          Bring chemical free products for a greener lifestyle! 

Home Décor

♦ Decorative pillows, area rugs
♦ Posters, plants
♦ Framed photos
♦ Memo boards

School Supplies

♦ Notebooks, binders, paper
♦ Pens, pencils, highlighters
♦ Scissors, tape, stapler, calculator
♦ Desk top accessories, calendar
♦ Backpack

Computer Supplies

♦ Computer with wireless capability
♦ Printer (not wireless)
♦ Surge protector
♦ Ink cartridges/toner

Medical Supplies

♦ First aid kit
♦ Prescription medication
♦ Flu/cold remedies
♦ Supplies for medical conditions
♦ Medical insurance card
♦ Emergency survival kit
         Go to Ready.gov for details


♦ Television, Blue-ray or DVD player, coaxial cable
♦ Gaming devices
♦ Camera and digital media cards
♦ Phone chargers


♦ Extension cords, batteries
♦ All University paperwork
♦ Car registration and maintenance records
♦ Bank information
♦ Bicycle and lock
♦ Mini- refrigerator (under 3 cubic feet) for suites

Cleaning Supplies 

♦ Sponges & disinfectant wipes
♦ Dish soap and High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent
                  Not the pods!
♦ Fabric softener, stain remover
♦ Disinfectant sprays
♦ Glass and furniture cleaner
♦ Broom, mop, gloves, and bucket
♦ Small vacuum
♦ Toilet paper, paper towels, tissue paper
♦ Reusable bags

Kitchen (apartments only)

♦ Plates, bowls, cups, utensils
♦ Food containers
♦ Toaster, coffee maker, other small appliances
♦ Dish towels
♦ pots, pans, potholders
♦ Kitchen gadgets and cooking utensils



What to Leave at Home

In order to maintain a safe living environment for over 3000 residents, certain items are prohibited from the Residential Community. If a resident or guest is found in possession of these items, residents may face disciplinary action ranging from written warning to their Housing License Agreement being terminated. This should give you a general idea of what is not appropriate to bring into the Residential Community.

Deadly Weapons

♦ Tasers® or stun guns
♦ Firearms, pellet, BB, airsoft, water, paintball, or any replica guns
♦ Knives with blades longer than 2.5 inches
♦ Razors with unguarded blades
♦ Any object intended to be used as a club
♦ Bow and arrows or crossbow
♦ Any other device deemed "deadly weapon" by the California Penal Code. 
♦ Refer to the Weapons FAQ's for more information


♦ Refridgerators larger than 3 cubic feet
♦ Dishwashers
♦ Wash mashines and dryers
♦ Space heaters
♦ Portable air conditioners
♦ Suites are not designed for cooking; therefore only microwaves and coffee pots are allowed. All other exposed coils and other electrical cooking appliances are prohibited

Fire Hazards

♦ Hoverboards
♦ Explosives or fireworks of any type
♦ Dangerous chemicals, laboratory burners, torches, and open flame devices
♦ Lighter fluid and gas grills
♦ Candles to burn or wax candle warmers (wickless candles for decorations are permitted)
♦ Halogen bulb lamps

Drugs and Paraphernalia

♦ Alcohol if under the age of 21
♦ Alcoholic consumption devices, such as beer bongs and funnels
♦ Marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia
♦ Smoking devices such as vapor pens, pipes, bongs, and hookahs
♦ Illegal or restricted drugs or narcotics of any kind
♦ Devices designed or modified for the use with drugs
♦ E-vaporizers or e-cigarettes
Due to Federal Drug-Free Schools Act, possession of marijuana on the SSU campus is a violation of Housing regulations and University Policy regardless of California laws or medical marijuana cards.


♦ Waterbeds
♦ Personal mattresses
♦ Couches, chairs, and tables that won't fit in the common areas with the provided furnishings. All inventory furnishings must remain in the suite/apartment.


♦ Non self-supporting hammocks or other balcony/patio furnishings or coverings
♦ Motorized scooters, motorized boards, etc.


♦ Amplified instruments, such as drums and subwoofers, unless you a music major


♦ Dogs and cats
♦ Reptiles, birds, rabbits, etc. 
♦ The only pet allowed is fish in a ten gallon or smaller tank/aquarium

The parking lot is considered part of the Community as well, so please don't store these items in your car! We highly recommend reviewing these policies again because you will be  held responsible for knowing them when you take occupancy. 


Please note that all electrical equipment must be UL approved and in safe operating condition. Visit Underwriters Laboratories web site at ul.com for more information.