Residential Hall Association (RHA)


About Us

Residential Housing Association (RHA) is a student-run organization whose purpose is to provide opportunities for residents to engage with the community and enhance the residential living experience. The RHA Executive Board represents over 3200 SSU students living on campus and advocate for their residential experiences.

Students can become involved with RHA by joining their community's Village Council position or by being a member of RHA's General Council. By joining Village Council, members would advocate for students in their residential community, create and implement events for their residential community, and assist in the implementation of large scaled events for the entire Residential Community. 

Join Village Council

Village Council is the student voice of residents in a particular residential community. These councils meet regularly to address important issues specific to the village community. They also plan events and assist students in creating positive environments within their residential community that will help them to have a fuller and enriched experience while living on campus.  

At the beginning of the semester, RHA will host informational meetings for students to learn more about how to apply and what opportunities residents have on making an impact in their community. 

Upcoming Events

RHA and each Village Council hosts several events throughout the year.  While Village Council programs are generally designed with the resident of that specific village in mind, often times any student/guest is welcome to attend.  The same is true for RHA events - they are designed for students who live on campus but given how fun and/or educational they are, all students are welcome to attend - unless otherwise noted.  Please visit our RHA Events page to learn more.

Our Values

Leadership - Provides residential students with opportunities to be involved and enhance their understanding of leadership.

Community - Strives to create welcoming environments throughout the residential communities. We focus our efforts through outreach, programming, and recognition.

Inclusivity - is driven by the Seawolf Commitment to create inclusive spaces for residential students to edify their learning experience.

Advocacy - Aims to be an advocate for all residential students by being a voice and resource to aid in their success.

Contact RHA

If you have any questions or concerns for the Residence Halls Association Executive Board please email