Academic Year License Agreement

When applying to live on campus, students will sign a license agreement for the full academic year. In essence, this is from Move-in Day in August until Commencement in May the following year.

Please click the 2019-2020 License Agreement link to access the document.

What about breaks?

Residents are welcome to stay on campus during Fall Break and Spring Break. We will just need them to let our staff know so we can notify them in case of an emergency.

In order to be more sustainable as a campus while reducing the cost of rent (to the extent we can), all residential facilities are closed for Winter Break because all utilities are turned off.  Our staff will work with students in the Seawolf Scholars programs for housing accommodations, but all other students will need to leave campus during this time.  Students do NOT need to move out; their items can remain in their units, but they will not have access during this break period.